Announcing Front’s Series C

It’s official: we’ve raised $59 million in our Series C funding round!

I want to take a moment to thank our customers for their partnership and feedback, our team for their tireless dedication to building Front, and our investors for their support — I know we wouldn’t be here without you all. We’ll use this new money to continue building the best product, improve its distribution, and hire more people to join us on our journey. (We’ve just opened an office in Phoenix and we’re hiring!)

It doesn’t get easier.

I’ve written before about how, for me at least, growing and leading a company does not seem to get easier with time. Andrew Reed, one of our investors at Sequoia, shared a quote with me from US cycling legend Greg LeMond that perfectly summarizes what’s happening:

Always remember (and communicate) the why behind what you’re doing.

If it doesn’t get easier, why am I taking on additional funding and signing up for many more years of this? In my case, Front has always been a means through which I can create a great place to work, and as the company grows, I get a clearer sense of what that means for the people working at Front. They want to:

  • Use their unique skills.
  • Learn from great managers and work with great peers.
  • Feel part of the journey.
  • By proving that Front can give teams the visibility and efficiency they need to meet their customers’ expectations, without burning out their employees.

Wait for the right moment to raise.

As for the fundraising process itself, I stuck to the rules I had outlined in my previous post: wait for the right moment (more on that below), write a clear story, and dictate the timeline. This resulted in a very fast process once again, with 11 days between my first meeting and my signing of a term sheet. And once again, being able to demonstrate that our market was huge (literally one billion people use email for work, and the market is growing) made everything easier.

  1. Employees want a more human relationship with their work;
  2. Businesses face increased competition and want more productivity, scale, and reach.
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