What does the CEO of Front do?

Mathilde Collin
1 min readFeb 21, 2018

At the beginning of Front, my job was to do everything that wasn’t engineering: sales, support, product management, hiring, marketing, etc. We were small enough that everyone could literally see my direct contributions and understand what my job was. Somewhere along the way in the past 4 years, this changed.

We now have 65 employees and 2600+ customers, and to get there my job had to change a lot. In fact, it changed so much that a few months ago, during one of my office hour sessions*, a new employee plainly asked: “What’s your job, exactly?” - It made me realize that my roles and duties weren’t clear to everyone. During an all-hands meeting, I gave a presentation of what I do, and illustrated each section with actual examples taken from the week before. Since then, many CEOs have asked me the same question and I’ve sent them this presentation as an answer. Today I’m making it public so that it can hopefully benefit an even larger audience :)

*Every other week, I block one hour of my time for an event called “Mathilde is free to chat”. I then sit in a meeting room and anyone in the office is welcome to come and ask me anything.