2 months ago we announced our $10M series A for Front: exciting times!

I hadn’t put together a deck for our Seed round, so this time was a first for me. When I turned to Google to get some inspiration, I was very disappointed by the lack of examples available, especially in the SaaS space. I more or less had to start from a blank canvas.

Still, our series A went well, so I assume our final deck was at least acceptable; in the spirit of transparency I’ve decided to publish it, and share a few learnings on the process. Hopefully, it’ll help you raise your own round!

Two words on the process

Since we raised our Seed round, I’ve spent some time building relationships with VCs: Byron Deeter (Bessemer), Mamoon Hamid (Social Capital), Kevin Spain (Emergence), Aaref Hilaly (Sequoia), Terrence Rohan and Ilya Fushman (Index), Blake Bartlett (OpenView), Jonathan Ehrlich (Foundation Capital), Tomasz Tunguz (Redpoint). I knew whoever would invest in our A round would become our first board member, and we’d have to work together for years. Considering you can’t really get rid of a board member, I felt it was important to start getting to know them early.

In April of this year, I finally felt ready to raise our A: we had just reached $100k in MRR, with low churn and a clear roadmap. I casually let one of these VCs know about it during a routine meeting. He instantly suggested we meet with his team more formally, and I knew I had now switched to “fundraising mode”. I spent 90% of my days working on the deck, gathering data, making projections and constantly iterating based on investor feedback.

10 days later we had 3 term sheets. It might seem extremely fast, but I wasn’t doing anything else for the company. With only 15 employees at the time, the drop in productivity was more than perceivable, so I optimized for a short process instead. I accepted one of the term sheets and stopped taking meetings with other investors: I wanted to get back to work.

My learnings

Our deck

Front Series A deck

Investors’ feedback on the deck

Slides that were really strong:

Slides that were really weak :

Slides that I could have added:

I’m happy to answer any question you might have!

LEGO builder. Co-founder & CEO @ Front (frontapp.com)

LEGO builder. Co-founder & CEO @ Front (frontapp.com)