Front Series D deck

The process

  • Host a get-to-know-you meeting: this intro meeting should be used to get to know each other, share high level metrics, problem space, and see if it could be a potential fit
  • Run through the deck
  • Share data room, let them do their due diligence

The environment

  • The past two years, I wasn’t comfortable with the high multiples we were seeing. It felt unsustainable to me, and I was concerned about raising at a valuation it would take us years to grow into.
  • Now that multiples were more reasonable, I was more comfortable.
  • We had a history of capital efficiency (see Series A, Series B, and Series C for past investor decks), which I believed would be rewarded in today’s environment.
  • We had not raised in 2.5 years, and I was excited to get feedback from investors on the progress we had made.

The deck

On investors



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