How to build a customer centric culture in B2B

Last week, Alfred Lin, the co-founder of Zappos and now a Partner at Sequoia Capital, came in to talk to the Front team about culture and customer centricity.

I often hear companies in Silicon Valley touting some variation of being “customer centric” or “putting customers first.” Of course, we say that too at Front, but I hoped that the conversation with Alfred would help us crystallize what customer centricity means to us and why it’s important. He didn’t disappoint!

While Alfred’s background is in B2C, his experience and advice is highly applicable to a B2B SaaS business like Front. At the end of the day, everyone using B2B software is a consumer too!

Where B2B differs from B2C, however, is that we have many different audiences for which we need to create an amazing experience. A great experience for the enterprise software buyer may not be the best experience for the end user. Our challenge is to understand and empathize with each persona, making the experience exceptional for each.

I can’t profess to have all the answers, nor do I believe that Front is perfect when it comes to customer centricity. But I do think we have some habits and elements of our culture that help us connect with our customers. So I thought I’d tell you why and how we do it.

Why we do it

In my opinion, here is why being customer centric matters:

So how do we do it?

Here are some specific things we do (and you can too!) to encourage everyone to connect with the customer:

What do you do to build customer-centricity into your culture?

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